Abortion Is Murder

February 6, 2019

Lord Gord discusses the recently passed New York abortion bill, the failed Virginia abortion bill and their implications.


Five Things I’d Change Regarding Millennials

January 16, 2019

Lord Gord discusses five things he'd change about the millennial mindset.


Disparities Are The Norm

January 9, 2019

Lord Gord discusses how statistical disparities are a common occurrence around the world.


Passing Thoughts On The Most Immoral Group In The U.S.A.

January 2, 2019

Lord Gord discusses why black women are the most immoral group in the United States.


Favorite Songs

December 26, 2018

Lord Gord discusses some of his favorite songs.


Three Culture Warriors

December 19, 2018

Lord Gord discusses the impact of three culture warriors: David Horowitz, Andrew Breitbart, and Thomas Sowell.


Discussing “I Want My Girl” & “I Don’t Wanna Leave You”

December 12, 2018

Lord Gord discusses the lyrics of Jesse Johnson's "I Want My Girl" and The Time's "I Don't Wanna Leave You".


Hong Kong: A Testament To Free Markets

December 5, 2018

Lord Gord discusses Hong Kong's transformation from a poor colony to one of the richest parts of the world.


Discussing “Gigolos Get Lonely Too” and “One Woman”

November 28, 2018

Lord Gord analyzes the lyrics of The Time's "Gigolos Get Lonely Too" and Isaac Hayes' "One Woman".


California Midterm Results

November 21, 2018

Lord Gord discusses the 2018 California Midterm results and their implications.