My Journey From Left To Right

August 15, 2018

Lord Gord discusses his ideological shift from left to right.


Earthbound: A Classic Video Game

August 8, 2018

Lord Gord discusses the classic 1995 Super Nintendo game Earthbound.


The Fascism Of FDR

August 1, 2018

Lord Gord discusses the fascist policies of FDR and how they extended The Great Depression by several years.


Generation Z Women Are Coming For The Millennial Women

July 25, 2018

Lord Gord discusses the conservative leanings of Generation Z women and the disaster it spells for millennial women.


The Left’s War On Asian Merit In New York City’s Elite High Schools

July 17, 2018

Lord Gord discusses the racism of New York City Democrats against Asians in elite New York City public high schools.


Losing Ground: American Social Policy, 1950-1980

July 11, 2018

Lord Gord discusses Charles Murray's "Losing Ground: American Social Policy, 1950-1980" with a focus on employment, welfare dependency, crime, education and family formation.


Underdevelopment Is A State Of Mind

July 4, 2018

Lord Gord discusses Lawrence Harrison's "Underdevelopment Is A State Of Mind" and the cultural impediments to Latin America's development.


My History With Street Fighter

June 27, 2018

Lord Gord discusses his history with the Street Fighter franchise and his favorite games from the series.


Graffiti For Thee But Not For Me

June 20, 2018

Lord Gord discusses graffiti, ghetto culture and the white liberals that celebrate bad behavior.


Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore & Free Markets

June 13, 2018

Lord Gord discusses Lee Kuan Yew, the legendary leader of Singapore, and the city-state's rise from poverty to prosperity.